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What is up under the hood...

What students are doing, published papers, Organic Geochemistry field trips, news in science, curiosities, lab facts, awards, updates on our projects etc.

2019 - Congratulations to John Dooma for taking home the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Award for best petroleum-geology related presentation.


2019 - Gamra Oueslati welcome to OGL and good luck with your PhD.

2019  October - Congratulations to Yaisa Owino for taking first prize in the Energy3 student flash talk!

2019 October  - A warm thanks to Anirban Chowdhury, Yaisa Owino, and Connor Dalzell for their participation in the Energy3 Conference in Halifax.

2019 September - A warm welcome to Halifax to our new PhD student, Narges Ahangarian.

2019 September - Congratulations to Carl Peters for presenting a great plenary talk at this year's IMOG conference in Sweden.

2019 June - ISMOS 7 - Our group had a great participation at the symposium held in Halifax, NS. Connor Dalzell did a great job presenting his project. Well done everyone!

2019 February - SMU Research Expo - The team had a great time and positive feedback. Thank  you everyone for your participation!

2019, 14th of February - Echo Savi Ventura joins our group as a new member of the OGL team. Born on Valentines Day, she will be working on her BBy degree with specializations in sleeping, feeding, and testing whether her supervisor can correctly change a diaper.


2019 February - AGS Colloquium in Fredericton, NB went well with 4 presentation by OGL.

2019 January - Welcome Anirban Chowhdury. Anirban is a new PhD candidate who will be working on clumped isotope of methane signatures for offshore Scotian Slope seep sediments.

2018 October - GAPP I team building workshop at SMU. SMU hosted Casey Hubert's Geomicrobiology group with participants from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy, APT Canada, Genome Atlantic, and OERA.

2018 September - Welcome Yaisa Owino to OGL! Yaisa has joined the MSc program and will be working on an ArcGIS product to help integrate the genomics/lipidomics results with offshore geology.

2018 August - MSc student Connor Dalzell is planning to go to WHOI to share recent outcomes of his Guaymas Basin study.


2018 July  - Postdoctoral fellow Carl Peters and MSc Student Jeremy Bentley go to Kia Hinrichs Lab in MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany to process samples with Julius Lipp.


2018 June - MSc student Jeremy Bentley is onboard the CCGS Hudson sampling Scotian Slope surface sediments and porewater geochemistry for the GAPP project.

2018 May - BSc student intern Yaisa Owino graduated from SMU. She is now working in OGL and will be joining our group in the Fall as a new MSc student.


2018 May - NSERC Discovery Grant awarded for 5 years.

2018 April - Film crew Journeyman came OGL to document the GAPP project and our lab.

2018 January- Dr. Florence Schubotz, of the University of Bremen visited OGL to work on Gulf of Mexico samples.

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