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The Organic Geochemistry lab is able to process many types of environmental and geological materials for organic geochemical studies. This includes the ability to process samples for source rock bulk geochemistry, reservoir oil fluid analyses, and water samples.

Agilent 7200B GCxGC-qToFMS

This instrument is configured with a Zoex Corp. cryogenic loop jet modulator. The mass spec is a high-resolution, accurate-mass data collection functional with both EI and CI sources. Additional features include secondary FID and ECD detectors.

Rotary evaporators

R-100 and R-200 Buchi rotary evaporators enable increased throughput to manage the chemical preparation of larger sample sets.

CEM Mars 6 Microwave

System is designed to facilitate microwave assisted solvent extraction and digestion of mineral matrices.

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-15 Centrifuge

Four bucket high seed benchtop centrifuge reaches each up to 10,200 rpm and a max g force of 11,420 RCF.

SNOL 80/1100 Furnace

The 80L capacity furnace is capable of sustaining oven temperatures of up to 1100°C.